Amazing , original 1967 blacklight poster by Wifred Satty.

For a very short period of time, 1967 – 1968, a small group talented hippie artists in the San Francisco Bay Area came together to form a Psychedelic poster & card company, East Totem West. This amazing poster was designed by the amazing occult artist WiIfred Satty .In San Francisco he lived in North Beach, and associated with artists and bohemians of the Beat Generation. In 1966, inspired by the openness and creativity of San Francisco’s emergent Hippie and psychedelic culture, he began making pictorial collages. Some of these were sold as poster size prints, which were then very popular. He intended his art to engage the imagination and counteract the pernicious stimulus-response programming of media advertising. Unframed.

Height : 87 cm

Width : 56 cm

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